Marketing & Business Plan

We provide Business Plans for sole proprietorships,partnerships, and corporations.

Your Business Plan helps you to articulate your objetives and action plan.
You can use the Busiess Plan to communicate with others in marketplace that shows your business idea is a feasible and marketable one.

Your Business Plan can be presented to interested parties such as Banks, venture capitals, and other prospects.

Computerized System Implementation

We will analyze your particular needs and suggest ways you can maximize the use of your computer.

We have extentensive experince in implementing sales order processing, inventory management, retails (POS), and accounting software.

Business Advisory

We provide enhanced access to information and advice on issues important to sustaining and/or growing small business such as:

  • Determining when incorporation is appropriate
  • Registering businesses (Corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship)
  • Advising on the Goods and Services Tax (GST)/Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)